Luxembourg police deploy Tesla cars

Q: Police in Luxembourg have added two Tesla electric cars to their fleet, hoping that their rapid acceleration capacity will help them nab more criminals and speed offenders while also trimming the tiny country’s carbon emissions. Luxembourg is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. Where is it on this map?

Circle the area on this map

Q: One of the key concerns surrounding electric vehicles – the need to regularly recharge their batteries – is less of a problem in Luxembourg, which measures only 60 miles from north to south, police said. Which nation is on Luxembourg’s northern border?

A. Belgium

B. France

C. Germany

Q: As the world’s fifth richest nation on a per person basis, Luxembourg can well afford the two $116,450 Tesla Model S cars it purchased for police. Which even smaller European nation has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per person?

A. Andorra

B. Jersey

C. Liechtenstein

D. Monaco

Q: Luxembourg aims to make 10 percent of the cars on its roads electric and hybrid vehicles as part of a climate agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. That agreement was reached during a conference in which European capital?

A. London

B. Paris

C. Rome

D. Vienna

Q: Luxembourg was a founding member of the United Nations, NATO and Europe’s common market which became the European Union (EU). Which nation is now negotiating to leave the EU?

A. Austria

B. Hungary

C. Italy

D. United Kingdom

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