Spacecraft makes emergency landing in Kazakhstan

Q: A Russian cosmonaut and a U.S. astronaut were safe after a Soyuz rocket bound for the International Space Station failed in mid-air two minutes after liftoff, leading to a dramatic emergency landing in Kazakhstan. Where is the Central Asian nation of Kazakstan?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The rocket failure triggered the emergency ejection of the crew capsule which landed a couple hundred miles from the Baikonur spaceport. The space launch facility in Kazakhstan is the world’s ...

A. Newest

B. Oldest

Q: Kazakhstan was the last of the Soviet Republics to declare independence during the breakup of the Russian-dominated Soviet Union in 1991. Which of Kazakhstan’s neighbors was NOT part of the Soviet Union?

A. China

B. Kyrgyzstan

C. Turkmenistan

D. Uzbekistan

Q: Soviet officials originally chose Kazakhstan’s Baikonur as a launch site to test its intercontinental ballistic missiles because of its remote location ...

A. In the mountains

B. On the ocean

C. In the forest

D. On the steppe

Q: Kazakhstan’s language and identity go back to the Kazakh Khanate, a remnant of the Mongol Empire that once ruled most of Asia and part of Europe. It was the second-largest empire in history. What was the largest empire?

A. British

B. Japanese

C. Roman

D. Russian

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