Women are half the ministers in Ethiopia’s new cabinet

Q: Ethiopia’s reformist prime minister last week announced a new cabinet that is half female, in an unprecedented push for gender parity in Africa’s second-most-populous nation. Where is Ethiopia on the Horn of Africa?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has marked his nearly seven months in office with staggering reforms for this once authoritarian country, notably releasing thousands of political prisoners and making peace with the nation’s longtime enemy on Ethiopia’s northern border . . .

A. Egypt

B. Eritrea

C. Tanzania

D. Tunisia

Q: The new reform cabinet also represents some of Ethiopia’s marginal groups. The country has long been dominated by just a few of the nation’s 80 ethnicities and different religious groups. What is the dominant religion in Ethiopia?

A. Christianity

B. Islam

C. Judaism

D. Traditional

Q: Last month, Ethiopia’s ethnic divisions led to violent clashes in the nation’s capital. What is the capital and largest city of Ethiopia?

A. Abuja

B. Accra

C. Addis Ababa

D. Algiers

Q: While Addis Ababa is the capital of the second-most-populous nation in Africa, Abuja is the capital of the most populous nation on the continent. Which African nation has the most people?

A. Congo

B. Egypt

C. Kenya

D. Nigeria

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