U.S. calls for truce, Saudis launch attack in Yemen

Q: Two days after an American call for a cease-fire, the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition launched a fresh offensive in Yemen which is facing severe, widespread famine. Where is Yemen at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Oil-rich rivals on the Persian Gulf are battling for regional power and facing off in Yemen, the poorest nation in the Middle East and on of the 10 poorest nations in the world. What Persian Gulf nation is Saudi Arabia’s biggest rival?

A. Iran

B. Israel

C. Jordan

D. Turkey

Q: Shia Islam and Sunni Islam are the two major denominations of Islam and have been fighting each other since the death of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in 632. Which has the most followers?

A. Shia

B. Sunni

Q: The U.S. call for a cease-fire comes amid a growing crisis with 8 million of Yemen’s 27 million people facing starvation. The call for a truce was welcomed by Yemen’s eastern neighbor . . .

A. Bahrain

B. Djibouti

C. Oman

D. Qatar

Q: Last week’s Saudi-led offensive targeted the Yemen’s capital and its key port city of Hodeida, which has been blockaded from receiving desperately needed food and medicine for the civilian population. Hodeida in on Yemen’s west coast on which body of water?

A. Arabian Sea

B. Mediterranean Sea

C. Persian Gulf

D. Red Sea

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