European Union voters choose a parliament

Q: More than half the voters in 28 nations of the European Union (EU) elected a new parliament during four days of voting. Where is the European Union?

Circle the area on this map

Q: While two thirds of those elected to the parliament support the EU, nationalists who want to weaken the economic and political union gained more seats. Which nation is now negotiating to leave the EU?

A. Britain

B. France

C. Germany

D. Italy

Q: The EU’s history dates back to the aftermath of World War II when European integration was seen as a way to stop the extreme nationalism that had devastated the continent. Which nation was NOT one of the six countries to form a “Common Market” that grew into the EU?

A. Belgium

B. France

C. Italy

D. United Kingdom

Q: Before the election, an EU official said both President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin want to weaken Europe. The EU imposed economic sanctions on Russia after it annexed what in 2014?

A. Belarus

B. Crimea

C. Latvia

D. Ukraine

Q: A wave of immigration into Europe led to the recent rise of the nationalist and populist parties which are challenging EU leadership. Many were refugees were fleeing a civil war in which country?

A. Belarus

B. Saudi Arabia

C. Syria

D. Tajikistan

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