Drone strikes hit major oil sites in Saudi Arabia

Q: Explosions hit two key oil installations in Saudi Arabia and knocked out more than half the kingdom’s oil output in an apparent wave of drone attacks Saturday claimed by Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen. Where is Saudi Arabia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran of being behind the attack. That was denied by Iran which is a Persian Gulf rival of Saudi Arabia that is located ...

A. North of Saudi Arabia

B. East of Saudi Arabia

C. South of Saudi Arabia

D. West of Saudi Arabia

Q: It is unknown how long Saudi oil production and exports will be cut by the drone attacks, and global oil prices are expected to rise. Which nation produces the most oil?

A. Iran

B. Russia

C. Saudi Arabia

D. United States

Q: In denying U.S. blame for the attacks, Iran said it was ready for a “full-fledged” war and warned its missiles could strike “all American bases and their aircraft carriers” within 1,200 miles. War could shut down Persian Gulf shipping. About how much of the world’s oil trade runs through the gulf?

A. Half

B. Quarter

C. Fifth

D. Tenth

Q: The Houthi rebels claimed they used 10 relatively inexpensive drones to attack the oil sites. Saudi Arabia spent more than $67 billion on its military last year, ranking third highest in spending. The United States spends the most on its military. Which nation ranks second?

A. China

B. France

C. India

D. Russia

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