Solomon Islands reject Chinese deal to lease an entire island

Q: The Solomon Islands government said last week that a deal to lease the entire island of Tulagi to a Chinese company for 75 years is unlawful and should be terminated. The Solomon Islands are located east of New Guinea and northeast of Australia. Where is that part of the South Pacific?

Circle the area on this map

Q: U.S officials worried about China’s growing influence in the Pacific praised cancellation of the lease. Solomon Islands established official ties to China in September, just days before the secretive lease deal was signed. To do that, it had to break diplomatic ties with ...

A. Australia

B. Japan

C. Taiwan

D. United States

Q: U.S. forces fought which nation in a fierce World War II battle for control of Tulagi and nearby Guadalcanal island?

A. Australia

B. Britain

C. China

D. Japan

Q: American officials worry China’s interest in the Solomons could threaten those same sea routes in the future. China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea already have brought it into conflict with ...

A. Malaysia

B. Philippines

C. Vietnam

D. All of the above

Q: Chinese businesses and officials reportedly have been bribing local Solomon Island officials for years. Solomon Islands gained independence from which nation in 1978?

A. Australia

B. Britain

C. France

D. United States

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