Southern Africa’s deadly drought is leaving millions hungry

Q: An estimated 45 million people are threatened with hunger as a severe drought is strangling wide stretches of southern Africa. Where is southern Africa?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Many farmers are struggling to keep their families and animals alive as their crops fail in a drought that also is killing wildlife, including hundreds of elephants in Botswana and its northeastern neighbor . . .

A. Namibia

B. South Africa

C. Zambia

D. Zimbabwe

Q: Southern Africa has received normal rainfall in just one of the past five growing seasons. What South African city imposed significant rationing last year to avoid completely running out of water?

A. Cape Town

B. Khartoum

C. Monrovia

D. Nairobi

Q: Two cataclysmic cyclones hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other southern African countries early this year, wiping out crops of maize and other staple crops. The storms came out of which ocean on Africa’s east coast?

A. Atlantic

B. Indian

C. Pacific

D. Southern

Q: The lack of clean water is one of the biggest environmental issues facing southern Africa, which also has some of the world’s poorest people and worst inequality. What nation entirely surrounded by South Africa has most income inequality?

A. Angola

B. Eswanti

C. Lesotho

D. Malawi

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