Police fire tear gas at migrants on Greece-Turkey border

Q: Greek police fired tear gas water cannons at migrants trying to tear down a fence Saturday in a desperate attempt to leave Turkey and get into Greece and the rest of the European Union (EU). Where are Greece and Turkey in southeastern Europe and western Asia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Thousands of Syrian refugees gathered near the Greek border after Turkey said it would no longer stop migrants trying to get into the EU. Turkey shares a land border with Greece in southeastern Europe, but most of the country is located on what Asian peninsula?

A. Anatolian

B. Balkan

C. Crimean

D. Sinai

Q: Turkey’s president said his nation would no longer be Europe’s gatekeeper. Turkey houses more than 3.5 million refugees, most of them fleeing a long civil war in what nation on Turkey’s southeastern border?

A. Armenia

B. Georgia

C. Iran

D. Syria

Q: In Saturday’s border clash, Turkish police fired tear gas back at Greek officers. The Anatolian and Balkan peninsulas were the battlegrounds of empires for thousands of years. Which was the last empire to rule both peninsulas?

A. Byzantine

B. Ottoman

C. Persian

D. Roman

Q: Turkey opened its land borders to migrants but is trying to prevent migrants from attempting to reach the Greek islands in dinghies to avoid “human tragedies.” Most of Greece’s islands are in which part of the Mediterranean?

A. Adriatic

B. Alboran

C. Aegean

D. Sardinia

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