Syria’s civil war enters 10th year

Q: Since it began in early 2011, the Syrian civil war has killed hundreds of thousands of people, driven more than driven half of the nation’s 23 million people from their homes and left 80 percent of the population living in poverty. Where is Syria?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The Syrian war has had a global impact by pitting major powers against each other in the fighting and sending millions of refugees over its borders. What neighboring nation to the north has taken in most of the Syrians who fled the war?

A. Iraq

B. Jordan

C. Lebanon

D. Turkey

Q: A surge of Syrian immigrants in 2015 triggered a wave of nationalism and populist movements in many other nations. Which nation outside of the Middle East has accepted the most Syrian refugees?

A. Canada

B. Germany

C. Sweden

D. United States

Q: The long war has left half of Syria in ruins and led to the rise of the Islamic State’s reign of terror. The United States backed fighters on which side of the civil war?

A. Government

B. Rebels

Q: Which Syrian ethnic minority was a crucial ally of the United States in the fight to defeat Islamic State extremists?

A. Alawites

B. Druze

C. Kurds

D. Turkmen

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