U.S. warns of pirates in the Gulf of Mexico

Q: The U.S. government last week warned that pirates are threatening boats and oil installations in the Gulf of Mexico. Where is the Gulf of Mexico?

Circle the area on this map

Q: “Armed criminal groups have been known to target and rob commercial vessels, oil platforms, and offshore supply vessels in the Bay of Campeche area in the southern Gulf of Mexico,” the U.S. State Department said. How does a gulf typically differ from a bay?

A. Much bigger

B. Much smaller

C. Narrower opening

D. Wider opening

Q: The recent attacks in the Bay of Campeche has surprised the government of Mexico, but piracy in the Gulf of Mexico dates back to the 16th century raids on trading vessels carrying Mexican silver bound for Spain. Spanish ships also were targets of pirates on what nearby body of water?

A. Atlantic Ocean

B. Caribbean Sea

C. Pacific Ocean

D. All of the above

Q: There also have been many pirate attacks in on ships in the Gulf of Aden. Where were most of those pirates based?

A. Saudi Arabia

B. Somalia

C. Sudan

D. Syria

Q: Somali piracy declined sharply after 33 nations joined to begin patrolling the seas around nation on the Horn of Africa. But there was a surge in the busy waters around Indonesia and Philippines in what part of the world?

A. South America

B. South Asia

C. Southeast Asia

D. Southern Ocean

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