California becomes the state hit hardest by Covid-19

Q: California last week reached a No. 1 status that no state wants. It passed New York for highest total of Covid-19 cases nationwide with over 414,000. Click California on this map.

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Q: With 39.7 million people, California is America's most populous state by far. Which is No. 2?

A. New York

B. Florida

C. Texas

D. Pennsylvania

Q: California touches the Pacific Ocean and three states. Which of these is not on its border.

A. New Mexico

B. Oregon

C. Nevada

D. Arizona

Q: The capital of California is . . .

A. Los Angeles

B. San Francisco

C. Fresno

D. Sacramento

Q: What is the state animal, shown on California's flag?

A. Condor

B. Grizzly bear

C. Eagle

D. Sea lion

Answers for this quiz: Click here