African migrants head for Canary Islands

Q: Migrants are increasingly crossing a treacherous part of the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago near West Africa, in what has become one of the most dangerous routes to European territory. Where are the Canary Islands?

Circle the area on this map

Q: As an autonomous community of Spain, the Canary Islands are part of the European Union (EU). The increased traffic to the Canaries started after the EU last year started paying Morocco to block Europe-bound migrants from crossing the ...

A. Aegean Sea

B. Black Sea

C. Mediterranean Sea

D. Red Sea

Q: The Canary Islands are 62 miles across the Atlantic from Morocco at the closest point. Mainland Spain is about 9 miles north of Morocco across which strait?

A. Bosporus

B. Gibraltar

C. Magellan

D. San Bernardino

Q: Migrants who survived the voyage have not been allowed to leave the Canary Islands to go to Spain. In the last several years, Europe has been flooded with migrants from Africa and where else?

A. Caribbean

B. Eastern Asia

C. South America

D. Southwest Asia

Q: Why are mass migrations expected to grow?

A. Climate change

B. Open borders

C. Religious persecution

D. UN rules

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