Volcano alerts issued on 2 islands in the Lesser Antilles

Q: Volcanoes that have been quiet for decades are rumbling to life in the eastern Caribbean, prompting officials to issue alerts for islands of Martinique and St. Vincent in the Lesser Antilles. Where are the Lesser Antilles, a string of islands that form the eastern boundary of the Caribbean Sea?

Circle the area on this map

Q: La Soufriere on St. Vincent and Mount Pelee on Martinique are among 19 live volcanoes in the eastern Caribbean which are tied to the movement of . . .

A. Earth’s orbit

B. Ocean waters

C. Tectonic plates

D. Tropical air

Q: Seventeen of the Lesser Antilles’ live volcanoes are located on 11 islands, with the remaining two are underwater near what tiny island nation invaded by the United States in 1983?

A. Antigua

B. Barbados

C. Dominica

D. Grenada

Q: Volcanologists say the renewed activities of the two Caribbean volcanoes are not related and “falls into the category of coincidence.” Where is the world’s largest active volcano?

A. Hawaii

B. Iceland

C. New Zealand

D. Sumatra

Q: Unlike the Lesser Antilles volcanoes on the edge of colliding tectonic plates, Mauna Loa and the Hawaiian Islands were formed by a “hot spot” in the middle of the Pacific Plate. Which volcanic island was created where tectonic plates are spreading apart?

A. Bali

B. Iceland

C. Java

D. Sumatra

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