Russia masses troops and tanks on its border with Ukraine

Q: Russia has deployed more than a 100,000 troops and thousands of tons of military weapons along its southeastern border with Ukraine in a very visible display of force. Where is the border of Russia and Ukraine?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Western officials are wondering whether Russia is planning to invade Ukraine or just sending a warning. Seven years ago, Russia did its best to hide troop movements when it seized what territory from Ukraine?

A. Chechnya

B. Crimea

C. Dagestan

D. Georgia

Q: The Crimean Peninsula juts into what body of water?

A. Black Sea

B. Caspian Sea

C. Laptev Sea

D. Sea of Okhotsk

Q: “They want the West to be frightened of Russia’s strength, of her power,” Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said of border build-up. What is the capital of Ukraine?

A. Bucharest

B. Grozny

C. Kiev

D. Minsk

Q: Some think the Russian President Vladimir Putin also may be trying pressure President Joe Biden who announced new sanctions over Russian hacking U.S. government and business computers. What other action has triggered sanctions against Russia?

A. Assassination

B. Election interference

C. Sports cheating

D. All of the above

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