Bulgaria probes for Russian link to explosions

Q: Bulgarian prosecutors said last week they are investigating whether four explosions at weapons depots over the past decade were part of a Russian effort to disrupt the flow of arms from Eastern Europe to battlefields in Ukraine and Georgia. Where is Bulgaria?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The Czech Republic also suspects that Russian agents blew up two of its ammunition depots in 2014. The Czechs and Bulgarians are both …

A. European Union members

B. Former Soviet allies

C. Members of NATO alliance

D. All of the above

Q: Bulgaria expelled a Russian diplomat after announcing the investigation into the blasts and the poisoning of a Bulgarian arms dealer. Czech authorities linked the explosions in their country to the same two Russian agents named in the 2018 poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in which nation?

A. Britain

B. France

C. Germany

D. United States

Q: Ukraine and Georgia were ruled by the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union. They became independent countries in 1991, but Russia troops invaded parts of both nations after their leaders sought closer ties to the West including NATO. How many independent states were created when the Soviet Union collapsed?

A. 5

B. 10

C. 15

D. 20

Q: The Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats it identified as spies. Three former Soviet states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – expelled Russian diplomats to show solidarity with the Czech Republic. Those three nations are known as the . . .

A. Allied states

B. Baltic states

C. Caucasus states

D. Central Asian states

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