China tests emotion-detection software on Uyghurs

Q: Chinese authorities reportedly are testing a camera system that uses artificial intelligence to reveal emotion on the Uyghurs in the province of Xinjiang. Where is China?

Circle the area on this map

Q: A software engineer told the BBC that he installed the system “similar to a lie detector but far more advanced technology" in Xinjiang police stations. He said the subjects faced "pre-judgement without any credible evidence.” Uyghurs are ...

A. Ethnic minority

B. Mostly Muslim

C. Being imprisoned

D. All of the above

Q: Uyghurs are one of 56 ethnic groups recognized by China’s government. Which is the dominant ethnic group in the country?

A. Han

B. Manchu

C. Mongol

D. Zhuang

Q: Xinjiang is believed to be one of the most surveilled areas in the world, and Chinese authorities say heavy control of Uyghurs is necessary because of the threat of separatist violence. Most Uyghurs are Muslim, while most of China’s people are ...

A. Buddhist

B. Christian

C. Hindu

D. Unaffiliated

Q: China is estimated to be home to half of the world's almost 800 million surveillance cameras, and it uses other technologies to track its people. Uyghurs can be detained if authorities catch them without a . . .

A. Bar code tattoo

B. Cell phone

C. GPS bracelet

D. Implanted microchip

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