First group of interpreters fleeing Afghanistan arrive in U.S.

Q: About 200 Afghan interpreters and their families have arrived in the United States, the first group to be evacuated as U.S. forces leave Afghanistan. More than 20,000 Afghans who helped U.S. forces have applied to come to the United States in the face of deadly reprisals by rapidly advancing Taliban forces. Where is Afghanistan?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan is to be completed by the end of this month. About how long have U.S. troops been in that Asian nation?

A. 10 years

B. 15 years

C. 20 years

D. 25 years

Q: After being driven from power, Taliban forces regrouped in which nation on Afghanistan’s eastern and southern border?

A. Iran

B. Pakistan

C. Tajikistan

D. Uzbekistan

Q: Pakistani officials say the country cannot take more war refugees, including the estimated 270,000 Afghans who fled their homes so far this year. Thousands of fleeing Afghans are showing up in Turkey, which has been swamped with civil war refugees from which neighboring nation?

A. Ethiopia

B. Libya

C. South Sudan

D. Syria

Q: Turkish authorities are turning back Afghan refugees who are crossing which nation to reach Turkey?

A. Iran

B. Tajikistan

C. Turkmenistan

D. Uzbekistan

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