Thousands flee wildfires in Greece and Turkey

Q: Thousands of people fled wildfires sweeping through Greece and Turkey as a protracted heat wave turned forests into tinderboxes. Evacuations included rescues by sea as private vessels joined coast guard boats picking up people stranded on the shores. Where are Greece and Turkey in Southeastern Europe and Western Asia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The fires destroyed thousands of acres from mountains to seaside resorts. Which sea lies between Greece and Turkey?

A. Adriatic

B. Aegean

C. Andaman

D. Arabian

Q: The wildfires even forced evacuations from the outskirts of the capital of Greece ...

A. Algiers

B. Amman

C. Ankara

D. Athens

Q: The wildfires in Turkey and Greece have been linked to climate change, as have fires now destroying millions of acres in western North America and in Siberia. Where is Siberia?

A. Northeastern Asia

B. Northwestern Europe

C. Southwestern Africa

D. Southeastern Asia

Q: In addition to the wildfires, climate change has been blamed for floods that killed hundreds of people this summer in ...

A. China

B. Germany

C. India

D. All of the above

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