Pope Francis visiting impoverished Roma quarter in Slovakia

Q: Pope Francis is paying a visit this week to a severely impoverished Roma neighborhood in Slovakia’s second-largest city of Kosice one of the highlights of his pilgrimage to “the heart of Europe.” Where is the small Central European nation of Slovakia? (It’s south of Poland, west of Ukraine, north of Hungary and east of Austria and the Czech Republic.)

Circle the area on this map

Q: The Roma have suffered centuries of persecution in Europe. Where did this traditionally nomadic people come from?

A. Egypt

B. India

C. Mongolia

D. Russia

Q: For fear of discrimination, many Roma people refuse to register their ethnic identity in official censuses. It is estimated that 9.17 percent of Slovakia’s population is of Romani ancestry. Which nation has the highest percentage of Roma?

A. Bulgaria

B. Czech Republic

C. Russia

D. United States

Q: Through the centuries, Roma in Europe have been banned under threat of execution, enslaved, suffered forced sterilization and sent to death camps by German Nazis and their allies during World War II. Which Europeans expressed the most anti-Roma views in a 2019 poll?

A. Bulgarians

B. Czechs

C. Italians

D. Slovaks

Q: The former nation of Czechoslovakia carried out a policy of sterilization of Romani women, starting in 1973 and continuing at least until 1989. The nation of Czechoslovakia was first created after the break-up of which empire?

A. Austro-Hungarian

B. Byzantine

C. Ottoman

D. Russian

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