Poaching tied to tuskless elephants in Mozambique

Q: Intensive ivory poaching has been linked to the increase of tuskless elephants in Mozambique, according to researchers who said the elephants likely had evolved to survive. Where is the southeastern African nation of Mozambique?

Circle the area on this map

Q: A study linked the evolutionary shift to very heavy poaching during a 15-year civil war, which wiped out 90% of the elephants. That civil war started two years after Mozambique gained its independence from which European nation?

A. Britain

B. France

C. Portugal

D. Spain

Q: All of Mozambique’s neighbors have a higher gross domestic product (GDP) per person, but which neighbor has the highest?

A. South Africa

B. Tanzania

C. Zambia

D. Zimbabwe

Q: Poaching during the Mozambique’s civil war also endangered several other animal species. What large island nation off of Mozambique’s eastern coast is struggling with existential threats to its unique animals?

A. Bahrain

B. Cape Verde

C. East Timor

D. Madagascar

Q: Madagascar is in which ocean?

A. Atlantic

B. Indian

C. Pacific

D. Southern

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