Flooding strands thousands in British Columbia

Q: Soldiers and emergency crews struggled to reach about 18,000 left stranded last week by flooding and landslides in British Columbia. Where is the western Canadian province of British Columbia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: A storm which dropped as much rain in a day as normally falls in a month washed out roads and railroad tracks leading to British Columbia’s largest city ...

A. Calgary

B. Vancouver

C. Victoria

D. Winnipeg

Q: The city of Vancouver sits on a mainland peninsula, across a strait from Vancouver Island. British Columbia’s capital Victoria is on the southern end of the island and about half-way between the city of Vancouver and Washington state’s largest city ...

A. Seattle

B. Spokane

C. Tacoma

D. Vancouver

Q: Many linked the northwest flooding to climate change. The village of Lytton in British Columbia disappeared this year after it set what weather record in Canada?

A. Most rainfall

B. Longest drought

C. Coldest temperature

D. Hottest temperature

Q: British Columbian officials were bracing for the possibility of more torrential rains. Last week’s rainfall was blamed on what type of meteorological event?

A. Atmospheric river

B. Haboob

C. Monsoon

D. Typhoon

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