World scrambles to cope with coronavirus variant first seen in Botswana

Q: After scientists identified a highly mutated strain of Covid-19 virus first found in Botswana, governments around the world cut off travel to and from Southern Africa. But, the virus strain already has been reported in several European nations. Where is Botswana, a landlocked country in the middle of Southern Africa?

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Q: Scientists in which of Botswana’s neighboring nations isolated the new “omicron” variant and reported it to world health officials last week?

A. Namibia

B. South Africa

C. Zambia

D. Zimbabwe

Q: Even as nations imposed travel bans, the omicron variant had already spread around much of the globe – Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Which one of these governments shut down all foreign travelers after finding an omicron case?

A. Australia

B. Canada

C. Israel

D. Italy

Q: Travel bans have triggered resentment among Africans, who say richer countries hoarded vaccines and are now penalizing the continent with their panicked policies. How do European and North American vaccination rates compare with Africa?

A. 6 times higher

B. 8 times higher

C. 10 times higher

D. 12 times higher

Q: Vaccination completely eradicated which infectious disease that killed untold millions of people over thousands of years?

A. Bubonic plague

B. Diptheria

C. Polio

D. Smallpox

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