Kentucky hardest hit as tornadoes leave dozens dead

Q: Rescuers combed through fields of wreckage after a tornado outbreak roared across the middle of the United States last Friday. Dozens of people were killed in five states and more were missing, most of them in Kentucky. Where is Kentucky?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Kentucky’s governor said he believed that at least 50 people had died in his state, but that the final number could reach more than 100. What state northwest of Kentucky reported the second most deaths in Friday’s storms?

A. Arkansas

B. Illinois

C. Mississippi

D. Tennessee

Q: The Amazon warehouse was in Edwardsville, Illinois, which is about 18 miles northeast of which large city on the Mississippi River?

A. Memphis

B. Minneapolis

C. New Orleans

D. St. Louis

Q: Weather forecasters say strong tornado outbreaks are unusual in cooler months like December, but high temperatures and humidity allowed the storms to form. This could be the state’s worst natural disaster since more than 200 people died in an 1890 tornado outbreak that also hit Kentucky’s largest city . . .

A. Bowling Green

B. Lexington

C. Louisville

D. Owensboro

Q: What region of the world has the most tornadoes?

A. North America

B. South America

C. Asia

D. Africa

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