Russia leads troops into strife-torn Kazakhstan

Q: After its president asked Kazakhstan’s military allies for help to quell sweeping anti-government protests last week, Russian troops landed along with soldiers from four other nations which were also part of the former Soviet Union. Where is Kazakhstan, which was the second-largest of the old Soviet republics?

Circle the area on this map

Q: While Kazakhstan is a member of the Russian-led military alliance, other nations that were once part of the Soviet Union have opposed Russia. Russia recently massed 100,000 troops along its border with what nation that was once ruled by the Russian-dominated Soviet Union?

A. Armenia

B. Belarus

C. Kyrgyzstan

D. Ukraine

Q: Russian leaders vowed to prevent Ukraine’s efforts to join the NATO military alliance among 28 European nations, the United States and Canada. What nation that was part of the former Soviet Union has already joined NATO?

A. Estonia

B. Lithuania

C. Latvia

D. All of the above

Q: The unrest in Kazakhstan began over a fuel price hike in an oil town and quickly swept the whole country before the nation’s autocratic president turned to Russia’s Putin for help. Putin also supported an autocratic leader facing widespread protests in what other allied nation?

A. Armenia

B. Belarus

C. Kyrgyzstan

D. Tajikistan

Q: Russia is the biggest supplier of Kazakhstan’s imports. What nation is the biggest buyer of Kazakhstan’s exports?

A. China

B. Germany

C. Russia

D. United States

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