Thanks for aid but lower the war talk, Ukraine president asks

Q: Ukraine needs weapons and aid, but the nation’s president asked western leaders last week to tone down dire warnings of an imminent war with Russia. He said the war talk is hurting Ukraine’s economy. Where is the large Eastern European country of Ukraine?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Russia has massed about 130,000 troops with heavy armor near its border with Ukraine which is ...

A. Northwest of Russia

B. Northeast of Russia

C. Southeast of Russia

D. Southwest of Russia

Q: Russia annexed Ukraine’s southern peninsula in 2014. What is the name of that peninsula?

A. Anatolian

B. Balkan

C. Crimean

D. Djursland

Q: Besides troops in Crimea, Russia also has sent troops into what nation on Ukraine’s northwestern border?

A. Armenia

B. Belarus

C. Kazkhstan

D. Kyrgyzstan

Q: Russia says it doesn’t plan to invade Ukraine, but in talks with the United States it demanded that Ukraine not be allowed to join the NATO military alliance with the U.S., Canada and 28 European nations. How many NATO allies border Ukraine?

A. Four

B. Three

C. Two

D. One

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