Ontario clears protesting truckers away from bridge

Q: Over the weekend, Canadian police removed protesting truckers who had blockaded a major international bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. Where is Canada’s province of Ontario?

Circle the area on this map

Q: While the anti-vaccine protesters were cleared away from the Ambassador Bridge, hundreds of truckers continued protesting outside Parliament in Canada’s capital 500 miles to the northeast. What is the capital of Canada?

A. Montreal

B. Ottawa

C. Toronto

D. Vancouver

Q: Beginning Saturday morning, hundreds of Canadian police began routing trucks blocking approaches in Windsor at which end of the Ambassador Bridge?

A. North

B. East

C. South

D. West

Q: The Ambassador Bridge carries more than 25 percent of all merchandise trade between the United States and Canada, making it the busiest international border crossing in North America in terms of trade volume. What business was hardest hit by the week-long blockade?

A. Automotive

B. Food

C. Lumber

D. Oil

Q: The Canadian protests inspired similar protests in what other nation?

A. Australia

B. France

C. New Zealand

D. All of the above

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