Saharan dust turns skies orange over Europe

Q: A huge dust storm swirling over Europe from the Sahara Desert made it hard to breathe in large parts of Spain last week and gave cleaning crews extra work as far away as Paris, London and Belgrade to remove the film of dirt falling on cars and buildings. Where is the Sahara Desert?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The Sahara covers about 3.6 million square miles and large parts of 11 African nations between. the Atlantic Ocean to the west and which sea to the east?

A. Black

B. Coral

C. Red

D. Yellow

Q: The Arabian Desert is the world’s fifth-largest desert. Which is the largest?

A. Arctic

B. Antarctic

C. Great Australian

D. Sahara

Q: The Sahara is the largest source of mineral dust in our atmosphere. Saharan dust can cause respiratory difficulties and many other health problems for humans. It also impacts ...

A. Ocean life

B. Rainforests

C. Weather

D. All of the above

Q: Dust storms are a familiar occurrence in the meteorology world, particularly in dry areas like the Sahara. Has the region always been dry?

A. Yes

B. No

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