Sri Lanka’s economic crisis brings mass protests and resignations

Q: Sri Lanka's cabinet ministers have resigned en masse after widespread protests over the government's handling of an economic crisis, which caused daily power outages and shortages of food, medicines and fuel. Where is Sri Lanka, an island nation near the tip of India?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Sri Lanka has no fossil fuel resources, and its economic crisis left it short of money to import fuel. The 25,332-square-mile nation is just slightly larger than which U.S. state that is rich with fossil fuel?

A. Alaska

B. Maine

C. New Jersey

D. West Virginia

Q: Angry protesters took to the streets in Sri Lanka’s capital Sunday in defiance of a curfew and an emergency declared by the country’s president. What is the capital and largest city of Sri Lanka?

A. Colombo

B. Dhaka

C. Kathmandu

D. New Delhi

Q: While Sri Lanka is suffering a severe economic crisis, it has a much larger gross domestic product (GDP) per person than many of its neighbors in South Asia. Which of these nations has the lowest GDP per person?

A. Bangladesh

B. India

C. Nepal

D. Pakistan

Q: Buddhism is Sri Lanka’s official and largest religion, followed by Hinduism, Islam and then Christianity. Which of the world’s four largest religions is the oldest?

A. Buddhism

B. Christianity

C. Hinduism

D. Islam

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