Colombia’s frustrated voters to choose between ‘outsiders’

Q: On Sunday, a leftist former guerrilla will face off against a wealthy right-wing businessman in a runoff election for president of Colombia, where disenchanted voters rejected establishment candidates in the first round of presidential voting on May 29. Where is Colombia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Voters are fed up with incumbent governments in a region ravaged by the economic woes during the pandemic. A Marxist rural schoolteacher and political neophyte won the presidency last year in Peru, which borders Colombia to the ...

A. North

B. East

C. South

D. West

Q: After gaining independence from Spain in 1819, the Republic of Colombia was much larger, and included the territory of three of its neighbors. Which was the last modern nation to separate from Colombia?

A. Ecuador

B. Panama

C. Venezuela

Q: The two outsiders running for president of Colombia were on opposite sides in a decades-long armed conflict that pitted the government and right-wing militias against left-wing rebels. The United States actively backed the government in the conflict. Which nation was the key supporter of the rebels?

A. Cuba

B. Ecuador

C. Panama

D. Spain

Q: Widespread poverty and food insecurity in Colombia aided the anti-establishment candidates. While conditions are tough in Colombia, it still is a haven for 1.7 million refugees from which neighboring country?

A. Brazil

B. Ecuador

C. Peru

D. Venezuela

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