States face tough choices as Colorado River reservoirs run low

Q: Western states are facing severe water cuts as the Colorado River reservoirs of Lake Mead in Nevada and Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona have dropped to critically low levels after 20 years of drought and a changing climate. Where are Nevada, Utah and Arizona?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Seven states in the Colorado River Basin share the water under terms of a 1922 agreement. Which state uses the most water from the Colorado River?

A. Arizona

B. California

C. Colorado

D. Utah

Q: What is most of the water from the Colorado River used for?

A. Farms

B. Golf courses

C. Homes

D. Swimming pools

Q: The lower basin states of California, Arizona and Nevada rely on water stored in Lake Mead and Lake Powell, while the upper basin states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico draw water directly from the Colorado River or its tributaries. Which group of states use less than their share?

A. Lower basin

B. Upper basin

Q: Lake Mead was created by the Hoover Dam and Lake Powell was created by Glen Canyon Dam. In current dollars, about how much did those dams cost U.S. taxpayers?

A. $50 million

B. $135 million

C. $500 million

D. $1.5 billion

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