Political refugees strain Costa Rica

Q: Since Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega began locking up dozens of political opponents before last year’s election, asylum seekers from that nation have surged into its much smaller southern neighbor, Costa Rica. Where is the Central American nation of Costa Rica?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Asylum seekers now account for 4% of Costa Rica’s population of about 5 million people. According to the United Nations, Costa Rica ranked fourth in the number of asylum applications received last year. Which Latin American nation had more asylum seekers?

A. Brazil

B. Colombia

C. Mexico

D. Peru

Q: Nicaraguans account for nearly 90% of the 250,000 people now seeking asylum in Costa Rica, which is known for its ...

A. Political stability

B. Social benefits

C. Standard of living

D. All of the above

Q: Costa Rica kept its borders open to asylum seekers and other migrants even during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. About 10% of Costa Rica’s residents are foreign born. All of Vatican City’s 1,000 residents were born elsewhere, but which nation has the lowest percentage of foreign-born residents?

A. Cuba

B. Japan

C. North Korea

D. Haiti

Q: After a short civil war, Costa Rica constitutionally abolished its military in 1949 and shifted more spending to social programs. In 1990, which other Central American nation eliminated its military?

A. Belize

B. El Salvador

C. Guatemala

D. Panama

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