Truce signed after 2 years of civil war in Ethiopia

Q: Ethiopia’s warring sides agreed to a permanent cessation of hostilities in a civil war believed to have killed hundreds of thousands in the northern Tigray region. Where is Ethiopia, a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa?

Circle the area on this map

Q: What neighboring nation - once part of Ethiopia - participated in the brutal civil war?

A. Eritrea

B. Kenya

C. Somalia

D. Sudan

Q: The truce should open the door to desperately needed humanitarian aid to the Tigrayans, one of Ethiopia’s more than 80 . . .

A. Ethnic groups

B. Political parties

C. Religious sects

D. States

Q: Ethiopia’s name derives from a Greek word which in classical times referred to the lands south of Egypt. What has stirred up trouble between Ethiopia and Egypt in recent years?

A. Fighting in Tigray

B. Hydropower plant

C. Nuclear power plant

D. Fighting in Sudan

Q: The populations of both Egypt and Ethiopia have exploded over the last 50 years. Ethiopia is the second most populous nation in Africa. Which is the most populous African country?

A. Egypt

B. Kenya

C. Nigeria

D. South Africa

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