Missile blast in Poland was accident, NATO says

Q: The missile that landed in Poland last week was not part of a Russian attack, said leaders of NATO and Poland. They said the explosion probably was accidentally caused by an errant Ukrainian air defense missile launched in response to Russian strikes. Where is Poland?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The missile struck a farm and killed two men near Poland’s border with Ukraine, which is ...

A. North of Poland

B. East of Poland

C. South of Poland

D. West of Poland

Q: The former Soviet Union subjugated both Ukraine and Poland during much of the 20th century. Which of these empires did NOT earlier occupy Poland?

A. British

B. German

C. Hapsburg

D. Russian

Q: After World War II, Poland became one of the Soviet Union’s “satellite states.” The Soviets and its satellites formed a military alliance named after the capital of Poland. What is the capital of Poland?

A. Budapest

B. Kyiv

C. Minsk

D. Warsaw

Q: Poland’s Soviet-backed communist government was brought down in 1990 by a political movement started by what group?

A. Catholic clergy

B. CIA agents

C. Shipyard workers

D. University students

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