Russia accused of plot to topple Modova’s government

Q: Moldova’s president last week accused Russia of plotting to topple the small nation’s government and derail its hopes to join the European Union. Where is the small former Soviet republic sandwiched between Romania and war-torn Ukraine?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Moldova has been hard hit by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as energy prices soared in the struggling nation. Which of these countries is the poorest in Europe?

A. Albania

B. Kosovo

C. Moldova

D. Ukraine

Q: Moldova also accused Russia of firing a missile across its territory to hit a target in Ukraine. The missile was fired from a Russian warship in which nearby sea?

A. Aegean

B. Azov

C. Black

D. Marma

Q: Over the centuries, what is now Moldova has been ruled at times by Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire, Romania and the Soviet Union. What language do most Modovans speak?

A. Polish

B. Romanian

C. Russian

D. Ukrainian

Q: After World War I, most of Moldova became part of Romania, But, the Soviet Union took control of the territory at the start of World War II after it signed a non-agression pact with which nation?

A. Britain

B. France

C. Germany

D. Poland

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