Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia to renew ties after 7 years

Q: Long-time rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to renew diplomatic relations, seven years after they were broken in a dispute triggered by the execution of a Muslim cleric and the resulting mob attacks on diplomats. Where are Iran and Saudi Arabia, the largest countries by area in the Middle East?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The nations have no land borders, but face each other across which body of water?

A. Arabian Sea

B. Bay of Bengal

C. Persian Gulf

D. Red Sea

Q: While almost all the people in Iran and Saudi Arabia follow Islam, they follow different sects, which has led to bitter conflicts between the countries. The majority of which nation is Sunni Muslim?

A. Iran

B. Saudi Arabia

Q: For decades, Saudi Arabia and Iran backed opposing sides in wars throughout the Middle East, including a civil war in which nation that borders Saudi Arabia to the south?

A. Bahrain

B. Iraq

C. Syria

D. Yemen

Q: Which rival of the United States brokered last week’s diplomatic deal?

A. China

B. Cuba

C. Russia

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