Young flee Albania to seek a new future in UK

Q: Seeking opportunity in the British economy, thousands of young Albanians have risked crossing the English Channel in small boats or inflatable dinghies to seek work in the United Kingdom (UK). Where is the small Balkan nation of Albania on the Mediterranean Sea and northeast of Greece?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Albania is one of the poorer nations in Europe, but which of its neighbors is the continent’s poorest?

A. Greece

B. Kosovo

C. Montenegro

D. North Macedonia

Q: Britain is attractive to Albanians because it has a better economy and higher-paying jobs than neighboring countries such as Greece or Italy. The overall British economy is how much larger than Albania’s?

A. 15 times larger

B. 25 times larger

C. 55 times larger

D. 75 times larger

Q: One Albanian official said young people are leaving because of low wages and the difficulty of building “a comfortable family life.” With a median age of 34.3 years, is Albania’s population older or younger than the UK?

A. Older

B. Younger

Q: What is now Albania has been ruled by several empires over the centuries – Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. What was the last foreign nation to occupy Albania?

A. Germany

B. Greece

C. Italy

D. Soviet Union

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