Soccer Team shuts down in Tunisia as players all emigrate to Europe

Q: A Tunisian football club suspended its activities after 32 of its players left either by sea or to Serbia before illegally crossing the border to other European countries. Tunisians did not need a visa for Serbia until last November. Where is the small North African nation of Tunisia?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Tunisia is mired in an economic crisis and has become the main departure point for ships smuggling African and Middle Eastern emigrants to Europe, taking over from its southeastern neighbor ...

A. Algeria

B. Egypt

C. Libya

D. Morocco

Q: Morocco, Algeria Tunisia, Libya and Egypt are the African nations bordering which sea separating that continent from Europe?

A. Arabian

B. Black

C. Mediterranean

D. Red

Q: Last week, police forcibly broke up an encampment of sub-Saharan African migrants near UN buildings in Tunisia’s capital. What is Tunisia’s capital?

A. Tegucigalpa

B. Timbuktu

C. Tripoli

D. Tunis

Q: Tunis is near the site of the ancient city-state of Carthage, which once dominated the western Mediterranean. Carthage was founded in ninth century BC by a sea-going people from what ancient land?

A. Atlantis

B. Phoenicia

C. Shambala

D. Valhalla

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