Vietnam imprisons noodle vendor over a political joke

Q: A noodle vendor was sentenced last week to five years in prison for making a popular online video parodying a powerful Vietnamese security official who dined on a $1,000 gold-encrusted steak during a trip to London. Where is the Southeast Asian nation of Vietnam?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Earlier this month, a stand-up comedian was arrested over a joke he made during a show in what nation on Vietnam’s northern border?

A. Cambodia

B. China

C. Laos

D Thailand

Q: Joking about the military also is dangerous in which of China’s neighbors?

A. Afghanistan

B. India

C. Mongolia

D. Russia

Q: Making a joke involving religion also can land an entertainer behind bars. Which of these NATO allies arrested a pop star over such a joke?

A. Albania

B. France

C. Turkey

D. United States

Q: Even in the United States, challenging authority with humor can get you arrested. Where was a man arrested for making fun of his local police department?

A. Ohio

B. Oklahoma

C. Oregon

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