Arizona water shortage curbs some development

Q: There is not enough groundwater under Arizona’a fast-growing Phoenix metropolitan area to meet demands over the next century, and some development has been blocked because of a state study released last week. Where is Arizona?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Arizona’s water agency will stop approving new development in metropolitan Phoenix that relies solely on groundwater. Where does groundwater come from?

A. aquariums

B. aqueducts

C. aquifers

D. aquitaines

Q: Arizona recently agreed with other western states to cut the amount of water they take from ...

A. Colorado River

B. Lake Mead

C. Lake Powell

D. All of the above

Q: The Phoenix metropolitan area is the nation’s second-fastest growing region. What other western metropolitan area is growing faster?

A. Denver

B. Las Vegas

C. Los Angeles

D. San Jose

Q: The aquifer under Phoenix is not the only one under threat. The Ogalalla aquifer beneath eight western states from Texas to North Dakota is running dry in some areas. If the Ogalalla runs completely dry, how long would it take to refill the aquifer?

A. 60 years

B. 600 years

C. 6,000 years

D. 60,000 years

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