Quebec’s wildfire smoke blankets eastern states

Q: Thick, choking smoke darkened the skies and threatened the health of millions of people in the eastern United States last week as wildfires burning across Canada forced thousands to flee their homes. Hundreds of fires burned in several provinces, but Quebec was the hardest hit. Where is Quebec?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Fires have burned more than 2,800 square miles of Quebec, Canada’s largest province by area. Which Canadian province has the most people?

A. Alberta

B. British Columbia

C. Ontario

D. Quebec

Q: Northwestern states are also seeing smoke from fires in British Columbia and Alberta, the third- and fourth-largest provinces in both size and population. What percentage of Canadians live in these four largest provinces?

A. 56%

B. 66%

C. 76%

D. 86%

Q: Which of Canada's territories is the most sparsely populated?

A. Northwest

B. Nunavut

C. Yukon

Q: Nunavut has the lowest population density of all Canadian provinces and territories. Which region has most people per square kilometer?

A. Nova Scotia

B. Ontario

C. Prince Edward Island

D. Quebec

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