‘Barbie’ gets caught in a South China Sea whirlpool

Q: Vietnam has banned the release of the “Barbie” film because of a scene that that includes a “nine-dash line” map that China has used to claim as much as 90 percent of the South China Sea – a claim rejected by Vietnam and other nations bordering the sea. Where is the South China Sea?

Circle the area on this map

Q: China is on the northern shore of the sea, and Vietnam is on the western shore. What island country on the eastern side of the South China Sea also is considering a ban on the "Barbie" movie?

A Brunei

B. Indonesia

C. Malaysia

D. Philippines

Q: An international tribunal at The Hague ruled in 2016 that China had no legal basis for its South China Sea claims. Where is The Hague?

A. Austria

B. Belgium

C. Netherlands

D. Switzerland

Q: Earlier this year, the United States sent a warship into the South China Sea to conduct a “freedom of navigation operation.” How much of the world’s maritime shipping passes through the waterway?

A. One half

B. One third

C. One fourth

D. One fifth

Q: The South China Sea is part of which ocean?

A. Atlantic

B. Indian

C. Pacific

D. Southern

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