South Korea heat wave makes hundreds of Scouts ill

Q: Hundreds of teenage boy and girl Scouts have fallen ill at the World Scout Jamboree encampment in South Korea during a sweltering heat wave. Where is South Korea?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Nearly 40,000 Scouts – mostly middle and high school students – traveled from 155 countries to participate in the week-long event. Where did the worldwide Scouting Movement start?

A. Australia

B. Britain

C. Germany

D. United States

Q: Britain sent the largest group of Scouts, about 4,000, to the jamboree. It is moving those Scouts from the encampment tents to air-conditioned hotels in the South Korean capital of . . .

A. Beijing

B. Manila

C. Seoul

D. Tokyo

Q: Scientists linked climate change to both the killer heat and deadly flooding that hit South Korea and what nearby island country?

A. Japan

B. Philippines

C. Singapore

D. Taiwan

Q: Scouts from the United States and Singapore joined the British in folding up their tents and heading for cooler quarters. Which of these nations once banned Scouting?

A. Germany

B. Poland

C. Spain

D. All of the above

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