Fire threat empties the capital of Northwest Territories

Q: Nearly all the 20,000 residents of Yellowknife fled the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories last week as a large wildfire burned outside the city. Where is Canada’s Northwest Territories?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Even more people have been told to flee wildfires as a state of emergency was declared last week in what Canadian province on the Pacific coast?

A. Alberta

B. British Columbia

C. Saskatchewan

D. Manitoba

Q: Canada is experiencing its worst forest fire season ever, with more than 34.6 million acres already burned. That is roughly the size of which southern European nation that also evacuated people from wildfires last week?

A. Greece

B. Italy

C. Portugal

D. Spain

Q: The order to evacuate Yellowknife came a week after a wildfire destroyed the town of Lahaina, Hawaii, killing more than 100 people. Lahaina is on which Hawaiian island?

A. Hawai’i

B. Kaho’olawe

C. Maui

D. O’ahu

Q: With the evacuation of Yellowknife, more than half of the people in Northwest Territories have been displaced by wildfires. The Northwest Territories is one of three territories that account for more than third of the area of Canada. What percentage of Canadians live in those territories?

A. 33.3%

B. 13.3%

C. 3.3%

D. 0.3%

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