Saudis accused of killing migrants on Yemen border

Q: Saudi border guards have used machine guns and mortars to kill hundreds of unarmed Ethiopians trying to cross into the kingdom from Yemen, according to a report issued last week by Human Rights Watch. Where is Yemen on the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Both Yemen and Ethiopia are plagued by civil war and extreme poverty. How much richer is Saudi Arabia than Yemen or Ethiopia?

A. More than 5 times

B. More than 11 times

C. More than 17 times

D. More than 23 times

Q: Citing eyewitness interviews, photos, satellite images and videos, Human Rights Watch said Saudi forces have killed “hundreds, possibly thousands” of Ethiopians on the Yemen border in recent years. What are the governments of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Ethiopia considered?

A. Authoritarian regimes

B. Flawed democracies

C. Full democracies

Q: Ethiopia is located in the poorest region of the world, which is called ...

A. Middle East

B. North Africa

C. Southwest Asia

D. Sub-Saharan Africa

Q: Humanity originated in Sub-Saharan Africa and migrated to the rest of the world, according to scientists. Now that region has the poorest nations. Which region has the richest nations?

A. East Asia

B. Middle East

C. North America

D. Western Europe

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