Maine reels from mass shooting

Q: A lone gunman in Maine shot and killed 18 people at two locations in Maine in less than a half-hour last week. That was one more killed than in all the firearm homicides recorded in the state during 2021. Where is Maine?

Circle the area on this map

Q: About 47 percent of Maine’s adults own guns, but the state has a relatively low rate of gun deaths - 12.6 deaths for every 100,000 people. Still, that rate is higher than its neighbors in the Northeast. Which state has the lowest death rate from firearms?

A. Connecticut

B. Massachusetts

C. New Jersey

D. New York

Q: Massachusetts is wealthy with the nation’s highest average income of $83,229 per person. Which state has both the lowest income for each person and the highest death rate from guns?

A. Alabama

B. Louisiana

C. Mississippi

D. New Mexico

Q: After last week’s mass shooting, a congressman from Maine dramatically reversed his opposition to efforts to ban assault-style rifles. Most of the states with the lowest firearm death rates have strict gun laws. But, which one of the seven “safest” states has few firearm restrictions?

A. New Hampshire

B. New Jersey

C. New York

D. Rhode Island

Q: What is the leading cause of gun deaths in the United States?

A. Accidents

B. Criminal activity

C. Domestic violence

D. Suicides

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