Anti-immigrant rioting shakes Ireland

Q: Police blamed far-right agitators for the violent rioting that broke out last week in Ireland’s capital after a stabbing attack on three young children in the street. Where is the Republic of Ireland?

Circle the area on this map

Q: Anti-immigrant rioters smashed windows and looted stores; set fire to police cars, buses, and a tram; and clashed with officers in and around the main thoroughfare of the capital. What is Ireland’s capital and largest city?

A. Belfast

B. Cork

C. Dublin

D. Limerick

Q: The violence began after rumors circulated that an immigrant attacked the children outside a Dublin school. But, a delivery man who jumped in to stop the attack was born in Latin America’s largest country ...

A. Argentina

B. Brazil

C. Colombia

D. Mexico

Q: Like immigrants today, Irish migrants faced intense backlash when they fled their homeland. What was the biggest reason for the mass migration from Ireland?

A. Hunger and poverty

B. Political violence

C. Religious persecution

Q: One of humanity’s oldest fears is the distrust of people we perceive as being "them" rather than “us.” Increased immigration often triggers this fear of outsiders, which is known as …

A. Afrophobia

B. Hibernophobia

C. Sinophobia

D. Xenophobia

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