Persian Gulf oil business seeps into UN climate talks

Q: A Persian Gulf nation planned to use its role as the host of the current UN climate conference in Dubai as an opportunity to strike oil and gas deals during private talks with leaders of 15 nations according to briefing documents revealed last week. Where is the oil-rich Persian Gulf?

Circle the area on this map

Q: With about 3.6 million people and the world’s tallest building, Dubai is the largest city in which nation?

A. Bahrain

B. Kuwait

C. Saudi Arabia

D. United Arab Emirates

Q: At the 2015 UN conference in Paris, 95 nations negotiated a treaty on climate change that called for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. How have carbon dioxide gas emissions changed since 2015?

A. Down 11%

B. Down 5.5%

C. Up 5,5%

D. Up 11%

Q: Under increasing pressure over their large greenhouse gas footprints, big meat and dairy producers planned a major lobbying effort at the climate conference to portray their products as “sustainable.” Which nation is the largest beef exporter?

A. Australia

B. Brazil

C. Canada

D. United States

Q: Scientists say this year will the hottest in 125,000 years, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather events are increasing. Climate activist Greta Thunberg has dismissed UN climate summits as just “blah, blah, blah” – or all talk and no action. Thunberg comes from which country?

A. Denmark

B. Iceland

C. Norway

D. Sweden

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