Taiwan’s voters elect a foe of China’s rulers

Q: Rebuffing dire warnings from the Chinese Communist Party about a choice between “war or peace,” Taiwan’s voters last week elected a president who promised to retain the island’s democracy separate from mainland China. Where is Taiwan off the southeast coast of China??

Circle the area on this map

Q: “Between democracy and authoritarianism, we choose to stand on the side of democracy,” said president-elect Lai Ching-te, who has rejected China’s territorial claims to the island. Taiwan has had a democracy since which year?

A. 1688, end of Dutch colonial rule

B. 1895, end of Chinese imperial rule

C. 1945, end of Japanese imperial rule

D. 1996, presidential election

Q: Who ruled Taiwan under martial law for 38 years?

A. Winner of China’s civil war

B. Loser of China’s civil war

Q: While Mao’s People’s Republic of China (PRC) ruled the mainland from Beijing, Chiang set up his Republic of China (ROC) government in what city in Taiwan?

A. Chongqing

B. Nanjing

C. Taipei

D. Wuhan

Q: Since Taiwan’s last election in 2020, China has engaged in an unprecedented level of military activity in what body of water that separates the island from the mainland?

A. East China Sea

B. Luzon Strait

C. South China Sea

D. Taiwan Strait

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