Village in France votes to ban smartphone scrolling in public

Q: Voters in the French village of Seine-Port passed a referendum to restrict smartphone use in public, banning adults and children from scrolling on their devices while on the streets or in village shops and restaurants. Where is France?

Circle the area on this map

Q: The village also approved a charter for families to limit children’s use of cellphone, computer and television screens. The village gets its name from its location on what body of water?

A. Bay

B. Lake

C. River

D. Sea

Q: Paris is the nation’s capital and most populous city. It was made a capital in 508 by Clovis I, the king of which Germanic people who eventually conquered most of Western Europe?

A. Franks

B. Goths

C. Lombards

D. Vandals

Q: The Seine River drains the Paris Basin - 30,470 square miles of France and part of Belgium - into which body water to the northwest?

A. Bay of Biscay

B. English Channel

C. Mediterranean Sea

D. North Sea

Q: Vikings used the Seine to raid northern France including the city of Paris. After besieging Paris, the Viking leader known as Rollo became a vassal of the king of the West Franks in 911 and legally gained control of which French territory?

A. Aquitaine

B. Brittany

C. Normandy

D. Provence

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